Covered Bridges
of Bedford County

Covered Bridges of Bedford County

Standing symbols of a simpler time, Bedford County’s 14 remaining covered bridges span both streams and centuries. The 90-foot Bowser-Osterburg Covered Bridge, shown above, was constructed in 1890 to span Bob’s Creek. Once commonplace, under 200 covered bridges remain in Pennsylvania and Bedford County’s collection is a pleasure to explore.
The Bowser/Osterburg Covered Bridge  |  circa 1890 (estimated)
Bob’s Creek, west of Rt. 869, 1.5 mi. northwest of Osterburg, PA

Claycomb Bridge  |  circa 1880 (moved and reconstructed 1975)
1.5 mi. north of Bedford on Business Rt. 220, entrance to Old Bedford Village

Colvin Bridge  |  circa 1880
Township Rt. 443, accessed from Rt. 30, 100 yds. west of traffic light in Schellsburg, PA

Cuppett’s Bridge  |  circa 1882
Just to the east of Rt. 96, 1 mi. north of New Paris, PA

Dr. Knisely Bridge  |  circa 1867
1/10th mi. off Rt. 56, 1.5 mi. southeast of Pleasantville, PA

Felten’s Mill Bridge  |  circa 1892
South of Breezewood, PA

Hall’s Mill Bridge  |  circa 1884
State Rt. 1020, off Rt. 26, north of Everett, PA 

Herline Bridge  |  circa 1902
Watson Road, off Rt. 31, 1 mi. north of Manns Choice, PA

Hewitt Bridge  |  circa 1879
Township Rt. 306, off Rt. 326, south of Chaneysville, PA

Jackson’s Mill Bridge  |  circa 1875
Township Rt. 412, 3.5 mi. south of Breezewood, PA

Palo Alto Bridge  |  circa 1880
South of State Rt. 3002, west of State Rt. 96 in Londonderry Township

Ryot Bridge  |  circa 1880s (approximate)
Township Rt. 559, 0.5 mi. east of Ryot, PA

Snooks Bridge  |  circa 1883
Township Rt. 554, 0.5 mi. off Rt. 56 north of Fishertown, PA

Turners Bridge  |  circa 1892 (approximate)
Township Rt. 418, 0.5 mi. north of Rt. 31 west of Manns Choice, PA